People are the heart of any business, and for companies to thrive we need to really understand what our people’s 'day to day' experience is of our businesses. 

By interviewing and polling people anonymously, we can build an accurate picture of what people really feel about your company; where improvements could be made and what really matters.



'"Everyone talks about building a relationship with your customer. I think you build one with your employees first."

Angela Ahrendts | Apple

Increase Productivity | Develop Future Leaders | Reduced Recruitment Costs | Happier Team-members | Improved Corporate Culture  



Imagine the potential of a human-centred, happy workforce, a workforce where people are happy, healthy and feel part of something great. 

That's what workplace wellbeing is, working together to create an environment where everyone can be themselves, perform at their  best and thrive!  


We wouldn't be Rebel Training if our Workplace Wellbeing approach wasn't a little different; we are advocates of the 'Rebel Leadership' school of thought.

Effecting organisational change through an 'Audit'may sound as corporate as it gets. But we invite you to find out why major brands continue to work with us.

The importance of Workplace Wellbeing

Costs of Workplace Wellbeing 

What is the ROI of Workplace Wellbeing? 

Now, I'm sure you are wondering 'So, what is the Return On Investment and benefit to addressing my Workplace Wellbeing?'. 

Research by the BITC shows that FTSE100 companies that prioritise employee engagement and wellbeing, outperform the rest of the FTSE by 10%.

This latest report from Deloitte shows companies with wellbeing programmes, report higher appreciation than companies without. 



It's a common question and an understandable one at that - what is the cost of engaging us to do a Workplace Wellbeing audit? 

Well, we think that Workplace Wellbeing should be available to all businesses, regardless of size or scale.

Which is why we do not have a ‘one size fits all’ pricing structure.


As with all things ‘Rebel’, we like to do things a little bit differently, and will instead work with you to understand your budget and aspirations and then create a pricing structure that works for you.

Please see below as an example of a previous package:

This particular example included:

  • Requirements gathering

  • Design of survey questions, style and format

  • Roll out and collection of data in surveys, 1:1s, group sessions

  • Analysis of data

  • Report on Wellbeing findings including recommendations and next steps

This package is dependent on the number of employees to be audited; some clients may choose one team, others want the entire organization to be polled. 

The above really is just a guide, please get it touch to share your particular needs.


We believe that for people to operate at their best, they need to feel valued, invested in and have access to good working environments and good working practices. 

Research by Personnel Today shows that people do see Wellbeing as important for productivity, and there is significant evidence that demonstrating the link between wellness and productivity. 

Every individual and every company is different and that is why it's important to understand what each company and team would value in terms of Workplace Wellbeing, and what the current feeling is among a companies people. 

From working alongside major brands such as GSK, Easyjet and more, we have learned that every business operates a little different. We aren't here to tell you how to change but to show you a new way to lead.

Our Workplace Wellbeing can be carried out in-person or remotely to meet the adapting marketplace. All we care about, is connecting with your people, and getting to the heart of your Workplace Wellbeing experience, and what initiatives you could take to improve any gaps. 

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