Companies we have previously worked with 

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Case Study 1:  Development programme for FinTech


Rebel was engaged to create an experience that helped create and share a set of behaviours and expectations that could be standardised across the senior leaders. 


We developed a programme that was:

  • Simple formate: Sessions that people could join and make sense of

  • Multi-purpose: Which allowed for classroom delivery, and people to go through the materials in their own time 

  • Accessible:So everyone could get the most out of it, irrespective of their experience 



  • Increased engagement across the attendees

  • Promotions of the attendees

  • Self-nomination to join future sessions 

Case Study 2: Change & Engagement for FTSE50 Bank


Requirement to create a Change Strategy that would suit lots of people and ensure no one was left behind 


After lots of conversations with our audience and taking the time to understand what was important to them,  we created a solution that allowed for everyone to be involved; whatever their seniority.


The result was a Change and Learning experience that reached over 1500 people in 8 weeks.

Our solution was well received by the senior leadership team and resulted in a 40% reduction of ongoing support issues raised.  

Case Study 3: High Potential Coaching for Fintech 


This client had a requirement to develop their 'high potential's' and help this group of people further develop their leadership skills; preparing them for further development within the company. 


We devised an ongoing coaching programme to engage the coachees; making sure our solutions were practical and could track actual development. 


Increased engagement with senior leaders, increased exposure at Management Team level and delivery of special projects.