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why community matters to me

As someone who lives in the centre of a city. I have never really known my neighbours....until now.

And, most people who live cities will tell you this in the ‘norm’.

We all rush around, passing like ships in the night; and rarely utter so much as a ‘hello’, and (even though I consider myself to be a decent, community spirited person), this was also very true of me.

I wouldn't dream of saying more than a 'hello' to the other 6 people who share the same front door and post box as me: why would I do that!?!

Until Lockdown happened and a very different story emerged...

It all started with the unfortunate robbery of our communal area that prompted me to say, ‘Should we set up a whatsapp group?’ and that was the beginning!

Over the last few months, our neighbours became our ‘bubble’, dining with them in our homes, all cooking exquisite food from around the world and sharing stories, hopes and fears for what 2020 and beyond holds.

We have walked with them for miles around London and surrounding parks, sharing stories of our pasts and laughing about various things.

We have become firm, fast friends; leaving breakfast treats and food by one another’s doors as a morning greeting. And I have never been happier in a place I have lived; they have all invited my two year old into their beautiful homes with welcome arms (despite her sticky hands), and shown love, care, and attention (even offering to babysit!!).

This is community living, and community spirit.

So, why am I sharing this and what does this have to do with coaching or leadership?

While I'm sure there are many parallels that could be drawn, this post isn't about that. This is about community, about friendship, about the things that truly matter in life.

So maybe, just for today, go and say hello to that neighbour you have been meaning to greet, go and Skype that colleague you haven't spoken to for a few weeks because you are both ' too busy', go and encourage your team to share something positive they have encountered during 2020.

Ultimately, the key to communicating, is community; because without a community, communication ceases to exist so remember to check on yours from time to time.

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