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14 ways to connect when we can’t ‘connect’

As this new working world appears to be here to stay, I have been trying to find ways my clients can connect with their teams without the need for Zoom (or whatever virtual medium you are using!).

Short and sweet, please read on for 14 ideas on how to ‘connect’ when you can’t meet your team in real life!

  1. Virtual walk - hook up with a buddy from work, set aside some time, and go on a virtual walk together

  2. Virtual Secret Santa (or other festivity based interaction)

  3. Remote ‘MTV Cribs’- we all know who lives in the house, the person who is showing you round on Zoom, but when else would you get to have a tour of your colleague’s house?!

  4. Virtual board games or puzzles (yes, really!)

  5. Photo sharing - a great way to break the ice and get to know your colleagues better, set time aside at the beginning of a specific meeting, and ask a different team member to share one photo and the sentiment behind it

  6. Word association game - a great start to a meeting, just don’t be too surprised by some of the words that come up!

  7. Virtual book club

  8. Virtual recipe club

  9. Virtual drinks club (all choose a specific cocktail, and get the ingredients ahead of time to become your own, home mixologists - probably one best for a Friday afternoon1!)

  10. Open Mic - pre-warn your team, they will each have a set amount of time to share a presentation on something that they are passionate about

  11. Topical Talk - start all of your meetings with a discussion on topical events, world news etc (let’s face it, there is enough going on right now to fill every meeting and more....)

  12. Trivial Pursuit - there is a reason why it’s so popular

  13. Virtual Dance Party (not for the fainthearted!)

14. Just have a conversation....these are unique, challenging, and unusual times - just check in with your teams, colleagues, bosses, ANYONE, and make sure they are doing okay, and remember; it’s okay to not be okay.

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